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  1. A star-fall, a phone call

    A star-fall, a phone call

  2. Pepper!


  3. Tumblr Pro

    is pretty awesome so far, but I can’t seem to adjust the tilt of my top hat and my monocle keeps fogging up. Still though, not bad.

  4. Welp

    It was a CR-V. Thank you for your input, everyone. Thank you.

  5. whltexbread wrote...

    Maybe. Lots of people do just fine with FWD cars. It probably depends on the kind of driving you do. I do a lot of highway driving during the winter and when it's icy, foggy, and blowing snow out in BFE Wyo or Colo with no cell service, the extra piece of mind AWD affords you when going up or down a curvy hill (and needing to swerve around RWD cars who hit an ice patch) is worth lots of dollars.

    I really love my current AWD in the winter. It’s saved me from fright a few times, and maybe even from actual harm. But in those cases, so would have plain old caution in a FWD car. Moreover, you never know how well an AWD will do in snow until the moment of truth arrives. Not all AWD cars are created equal.

    It might sound like I’m talking myself into an answer I already have, but I appreciate the input. If it weren’t a trade-off, the answer would be simple, right? And I wouldn’t have tried to crowd-source my decision.

  6. AWD vs. Fuel Efficiency

    People who recommend the CR-V over the Prius cite AWD in my locale as being the reason. I understand this: it’s why I’m considering it as well. But to you guys, I have a question: Do I not benefit from (~60%) better fuel efficiency 365 days/year, vs. benefitting from AWD (by an unpredictable/unquantifiable amount) only a few days per year? Can I not reclaim a decent amount of that benefit by putting snow tires on the Prius during the winter? In other words, is your (and my) favorable view of AWD’s value, perhaps, emotionally driven?

  7. Toytota Prius v 5 or Honda CR-V EX-L AWD?

    I live in Pittsburgh. There are hills and there is snow. I have a dog and three kids. 50% of the time, I am the only user of the vehicle. The other 50%, it is me and at least two others. Very rarely, it is all five of us excluding the dog. Maybe five times a year, it’s all five of us plus the dog, for up to two hours on the road. On average, I drive ~400 miles per week.

    The Prius and CR-V are comparably priced, the difference being that the Prius gets an estimated 44 mpg in the city compared to the CR-V’s 24 mpg, but what the CR-V lacks in fuel efficiency, it gives back in AWD. I do not care about the difference in brand, styling, etc, between the two cars. I am concerned about reliability, durability, fuel efficiency – adequacy for my use case.

    Which car makes more sense, and why?

  8. Unfollow!

    I saw it. The tumblr unfollow thing. I saw it happen right before my very eyes. I was in the mobile app, catching up on Michele’s saga from this last week, so I followed a post of hers from my dashboard to her page. I read about 10 posts, liked a few, and then, right before I tapped to go back to my dashboard, I noticed the “Follow” link in the upper right hand corner of her page, where it should read “Unfollow”. Thinking maybe I’d had one too many, I went back to my dashboard expecting to see her posts but, lo and behold, they were no longer in my stream. I searched her name and went back to her page, re-followed, went back to my dashboard, and tried recreating this, but was unable. There and then gone, this was.

    But I’ll be damned if I don’t finally believe you guys about all the mysterious unfollowing. And to think I had you all figured for liars or whiners or both.

    Shame on tumblr.

  9. Fugitive juvenile delinquents or soon-to-be international travelers?

  10. Finally.